Lets talk appetite…

Everyone gets hungry. No, ALL living things get hungry. There is an innate desire embedded in every living creature that desires nourishment of some kind in order to sustain life. Lucky for many of us, there are an abundance of resources on the earth in which God has provided us the means to afford. Everyday we wake up and have (options). We can decide to eat breakfast or not. We can think about grabbing something fast for lunch or even plan to cook a meal for dinner. If your anything like me, deciding WHAT to eat is often the biggest challenge. I never really think about being (Hungry)…

Ok…… I’m not saying that I never feel hungry, but I do know that the hunger I feel four hours after my first meal in no way compares to the hunger that someone else feels after not having eaten for two days…a week….or more. Have you ever considered what it feels like to REALLY be hungry?? The great (Google-dini) pulled up a massive amount of results in my search engine regarding starvation. One of the quotes concerning this topic that stood out the most to me was this:

“Victims of starvation are often too weak to sense thirst, and therefore become dehydrated. All movements become painful due to muscle atrophy and dry, cracked skin that is caused by severe dehydration. With a weakened body, diseases are commonplace.”

MAN, after reading that my hunger pains seem trivial and if I were honest, I’d have to say that I’ve never been that hungry……..or have I? Although Many of us have never reached a point of starvation physically, I think its safe to change the topic slightly and consider the spirit man. I mean, FOOD IS IMPORTANT. There’s no wonder that I was able to pull up 120 bible versus referencing food, easily. With this in mind I pose these questions:

Is it possible that we as individuals, as well as a nation, are spiritually starving? Are we so spiritually deprived that we no longer sense that we are even thirsty? Can this disease of hatred, greed, discord, jealously, envy, and ruthlessness that is so prevalent be a result of our weakened body?

Again, lets talk appetite? What are we feeding ourselves spiritually? I recently read an article about how food and the brain work together. Whether your a person who lives and healthy lifestyles, or one who has ever attempted to live a healthy lifestyle, you’ve probably heard of these little things called calories……well little did I know there are different types of calories. Some that are good for us to consume while others are not so good. One of the (not so good) type are called EMPTY CALORIES. These calories are typically ingested when we eat fast food and other “junk foods”. Empty calories have a clever way of tricking our mind… although the food is filling up the space in our stomach, these calories send signals to our brain that say “hey! we’re still hungry” which then trigger us to eat more. We are tricked into eating even more poison than we would have originally consumed! Isn’t that crazy?…. then we go from (eating to live —-> living to eat).

When it comes to our spiritual diet I start to think about those empty calories again. What kind of spiritual calories are we ingesting? How are we spending our time? How are we spending our money? Are we watching TV when we should be reading? Are we gossiping about people instead of spending time in prayer on their behalf? The most valuable point to consider is this:

We just might be so full of EMPTY things that we don’t even know that we are STARVING… and on top of that we are tricked into taking in more and more of those toxic things. Taking in more of those things that keep us occupied and out of Gods presence.

When we eat the wrong physical foods our physical bodies display those poor choices on the outside in the similar way that our bad spiritual choices show up in our attitudes and the way we carry ourselves to the public.

Your walk on the outside is a dead give away! In this case, the phrase “you are what you eat” has never been so true!

So consider this, maybe its time for a lifestyle change? Maybe our spiritual diet is the real key to healthy living.

-Lacrisa D



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