Trigger Happy-ness!

Suffering word cloudLet go, stop, go back, change, remove, regret, delete…. These are all words that cause us discomfort. Just saying them out loud stirs up unwanted emotion for me, but then I look at these words: cycle, same, again, duplicate.. and I feel the same way. UNCOMFORTABLE
For the past few months I’ve been in this place of discomfort. Looking at my life and the decisions I’ve made, I’ve often wondered if those decision were the right ones. It’s hard to look back on the places that I left too soon, and the feelings of regret from the places that I stayed too long are almost haunting. Hiding behind a smile everyday when I’ve been hurting and questioning every move. I’ve watched things around me change in what feels like the blink of an eye. Friendships ended, location changed, dreams died, people changed, buildings closed, but the one thing that remained is a GOD who simultaneously sits high and right next to me…..A God who cares for me beyond anything that I could possibly imagine…and every time I doubt him… no matter how many times he shows me that he is ever present!
Sometimes I feel that we humor God with our disbelief. He shows us time and time again that HE IS GOD and we still ask the question of who he is. Every time we hit a road block it’s (God show me who you are again)…why? Because we are so quick to forget. We are quick to forget his promises.. those that he made to everyone  as well as those that he made personally with us.  All it takes is a 
cause (an event or situation) to happen or exist
Synonyms: provoke, stir up, set off, spark, give rise to, launch, generate
This trigger can be a number of things. For me, it’s been change and the fear thereof. Triggers shake our faith and cause us to doubt Gods promise. Your trigger may be different from mine but one thing I know for sure is that GOD IS BIGGER THAN YOUR TRIGGER!
Facing your trigger is the hardest part. It could be letting go of a bad relationship, stepping out on faith and not seeing immediate results, feeling alone and abandoned, being let down by someone you trust, failing in an area where you thought you were strong, losing something/someone close to you, depression for no reason at all…….the list is endless but we serve a God who slays BIG giants with tiny pebbles.  
Today I’m breaking the cycle in my life…. I‘m recognizing my trigger and calling it out!I’m letting go… I’m made new because God is GOD and He’s never broken a promise!
So whatever your Trigger
Get rid of it! Get rid of it!…. if it cost your freedom….if it cost your impact…. if it cost your joy… then,
It cost your testimony and it cost your life!

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