Are You Prepared For What Your Asking God For??

Statistics say that one of the main reasons people give up on dieting and exercise is because they have a false anticipation of seeing immediate results. I mean, I’ve been guilty of this truth myself…I’d workout for a week, then I’d become impatient in waiting and feel that there was no use …..and guess what?? I experienced this again this week, only this time, concerning ministry.

Over the past few months I’ve been trying to focus in on my ministry… Both from a musical aspect as well as this blog. Of all the things that I think about throughout the course of a day, my ministry is most definitely in the top 2 of the most thought about things!! I’m always brainstorming and asking questions. What is it that I need to do now? What can be done to make things better? How can I grow and develop this or that?? My mind literally does not stop running, but Sunday morning, everything was just at a standstill for some reason. I felt so discouraged about everything that I had been working on. I became so wrapped up in my own emotions and I just wanted to cry and have a pity party. 

I started to question if I was even having an effect on people by writing this blog. Even though I knew that God brought me to it, I started to doubt that he would carry me through it.

There were so many negative thoughts running through my mind. I couldn’t even focus in Sunday school. It was like the teachers voice began to muffle and the loud voice it my head took over. Somehow I sat back, managed to take in a deep breath, and just said: Lord, I just want to hear from you.

I still can’t tell you what the Sunday school lesson was about but after I spoke to God I heard the teacher say: “Are you prepared for what your asking God for?” 

Even now, I think about the story of David. When he was anointed as king, his father called him in from  a hard days work in the field. At that point he wasn’t dressed up and probably smelled like grass and dirt. He wasn’t physically prepared for what God was about to do. Now me on the other hand, my thoughts are…. “I’ve been preparing for all the task set before me…. why are things not going as planned/moving as fast as I’d like?”

 You know, I felt like i’d been walking the walk and talking the talk…..:: but then God spoke to me and said:

The difference between You and David is that while David was uncombed and unkept (physically unprepared), he was mentally prepared…. However, you just might be like his brothers who were told that this day of anointing was coming. They had cleaned up, and put on nice clothes but I didn’t find favor with them…. they weren’t mentally prepared….. Sometimes you prefer to look deep without actually going deep…..

He reminded me that although I spend much of my day thinking about ministry and how I can make things look better and appear better to others, I’ve slacked in picking up his word and actually studying. I sat replaying all the times after work that I’ve spent watching t.v over rehearsing my music and the many mornings that I’ve pushed snooze when I needed to get up and read/pray…..I realized then that:

-Though God is faithful to keep his promise he won’t put unfinished work on display. 

God doesn’t want a pretty face and a nice outfit… He wants someone to deposit his power into. Your ministry should shine so bright that even when you don’t look your best people see Gods glory. 

-Even when you don’t have the resume of a qualified worker, bosses find favor in your character!!

God wants to bring his promises to fruition but we’ve Got to be ready on the INSIDE!

Let’s all meditate this week on being mentally prepared for Gods use! Let’s pray that he finds favor with us even when we don’t qualify! 

Turn off the T.V. and log off of social media for a while. Spend some time in his presence, finding you purpose, and allowing him to perfect it!

Let’s pray that he fulfills his purpose/plan in our lives!!!

Lacrisa D



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